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Heit Gallery is a modern take on the traditional Gallery. Jonathan Heit, the founder and owner, originally started Heit gallery in 2014, selling directly to collectors. Artists and works were hand selected to be both intrinsically and tangibly valuable.

As the community of existing collectors grew, Jonathan wanted to find new avenues with which to allow them to grow their collections. Partnering with Artsy in 2020- meant the beginning of a new stage of the gallery’s progression. With physical pop-up galleries in the works, Heit Gallery represents the newest evolution of the gallery experience.

Jonathan Heit has seen all sides of the art world. Starting his career in front of the camera, working alongside it, and more recently behind the scenes as a gallerist, provided a perspective that is otherwise unavailable to traditional galleries. Differentiating Heit Gallery from the brick and mortar, white wall--establishment is its adaptive, vernal nature

At Heit, we want to make your gallery experience as easy and stress-free as possible. We pride ourselves in creating a personal relationship with our community. Please feel free to call us or email at any time with inquiries. Seriously, anytime. We work crazy hours and love talking art!